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Brussels, Belgium

2 February

Welcome to the EU-LAC marketplace on pharmaceuticals

  • On-line webinar including: 
  • Official opening of the two-month EU-LAC marketplace & matchmaking event 
  • Tutorial on how to register to the EU-LAC pharma and healthcare marketplace


2 February - 3 March

Registration to the EU-LAC marketplace on pharmaceuticals

  • Entities related to pharmaceutical manufacturing from Latin America and the Caribbean, or the European Economic Area are invited to register in our marketplace between the 2nd of February and the 3rd of March.
  • Only validated stakeholders meeting registration criteria will be able to participate in the matchmaking meetings.    

 Please check the conditions for participation and register here 


6 March

Welcome to the EU-LAC marketplace on pharmaceuticals

  • Validated entities will now be able to search for potential partners in the marketplace and book meetings until the 31th of March.
  • Meetings will take place from the 27th until the 31st of March.

Please scout interesting entities and schedule your meetings as soon as possible

21 March 

EU-LAC High-level Pharmaceutical Forum: Sharing pharmaceutical innovations between the European Union and Latin America and the Caribbean  

21st of March, 15.00 to 19.30 CET

Brussels, Berlaymont building, Schuman room


The proposed programme for the event is as follows:

Moderator: Mario Cimoli, Professorial Fellow at the Institute of Economics, Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, Pisa


Registration opens


(30' max)

Welcoming remarks / Opening session

  • Jutta Urpilainen, International Partnerships Commissioner, European Commission
  •  Ralph Gonsalves, Prime Minister St Vincent & Grenadines, CELAC presidency (online)



Panel 1: EU-LAC Health priorities, ambition, programmes and enabling environment Objective: through this policy-based panel provide an overview of EU and LAC ambition and programmes on access to health products and enabling environment programs included the health roadmap and its 7 pillars 

Moderation: Mario Cimoli, Professorial Fellow at the Institute of Economics, Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, Pisa 

  • Mia Mottley, Prime minister of Barbados (video)
  • Dr. Jabras Barbosa PAHO´s Director (video)
  • Borja Cabezón, Spanish Ambassador for Global Health
  • Marco Llinás, Director de la División de Desarrollo Productivo y Empresarial de la CEPAL/ECLAC (online)
  • Leandro Villanueva, Vice Minister for Public Health Dominican Republic
  • Paula Bogantes, Minister of Science, Innovation, Technology and Telecommunications, Costa Rica (online) 
  • César Luena, Member of the European Parliament, EUROLAT member, and Vice-Chair Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety 
  • Myriam Ferran, Deputy Director General INTPA, European Commission
  • Ms Signe Ratso, Deputy Director General RTD, European Commission

Followed by Q&A session


(30 min)

Coffe Break

17:15 CET


Panel 2: Pharmaceutical innovations across LAC and EU

Objective: provide a state of play of LAC-UE pharmaceutical companies' engagement on access to health products. EU and LAC companies and associations would present example of collaboration and challenges on access to health products.

Moderation: Anais Lecorvec, CEO Bioregions clusters

  • Yaneth Giha, Directorate General FIFARMA (online)
  • Aurelio Krieger, Vice President for production, health and innovation of the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation - Fiocruz
  • Jose Castillo, CEO Quantoom Biosciences
  • Raquel Resendes, Lead Public Affairs Pharmaceuticals, Bayer Brussels 
  • Koen Berden, Executive Director for International Affairs, European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations -  EFPIA
  • Kristin Schreiber, Director for Ecosystems I: Chemicals, Food, Retail of Directorate General GROW European Commission

Followed by Q&A session



Panel 3: Financing opportunities 

Objective: provide an overview of challenges & financing opportunities for collaboration

Moderation: Erica Gerretsen, Director G INTPA, European Commission

  • Ricardo Mourinho Félix, Vice President, European Investment Bank 
  • Adriana Mira, Vice Minister of Foreign Relations, El Salvador
  • Leslie Ramsammy, former Minister of Health, Guyana  
  • Ferdinando Regalia, Manager Social Sector IDB (online) – tbc 
  • Julia Perié, EUROLAT member, Sustainable Development Committee (online)
  • Carolina Sanchez, Lead Life Sciences Sector CINDE 
  • Bertrand Walckenaer, Deputy Director General AFD (online)

Followed by a Q&A session



Closing remarks 

  • Thierry Breton, European Commissioner for EU Internal Market (video)
  • Javier Nino Perez, Deputy Managing Director, European External Action Service
  • Martha Delgado, Undersecretary for Multilateral Affairs and Human Rights, Mexico (online)


End of event & Networking event 

Interested? You can register to attend the event in person here. You can also follow the event online through this link.

Please note that room capacity is limited, so a final confirmation will be given to you on the 15th of March.

27 March - 31 March

Matchmaking meetings

  • Scheduled meetings will take place between participants during this week.  

Do not forget to fill out the satisfaction survey to let us know more about your experience of participating in this initiative.