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Conditions for participation in the marketplace and matchmaking meetings on pharmaceuticals

Who can participate?

  • Entities related to pharmaceutical manufacturing from Latin America and the Caribbean or the European Economic Area. The purpose of the event is to connect actors located on different continents. Therefore, European participants are expected to hold matchmaking meetings with their Latin American and Caribbean counterparts, while participants from Latin America and the Caribbean are expected to hold matchmaking meetings with European counterparts. 
  • Participating entities cannot come from countries under EU sanctions.

Please find below further information on the typology of participants to be expected

Medicines Manufacturers

  • Chemical Medicines (innovators)
  • Vaccines
  • Other Biological products
  • Generics and Biosimilars 

Contract Manufacturing Organisations

Industrial and Trade Associations

  • Industrial Associations: Pharma and related industries, regional / national (Latin America and Caribbean and Europe) 
  • Organisations facilitating licensing and technology transfers 

Financial Institutions

  • Development Financial Institutions
  • Commercial / Industrial Banks
  • Venture Capital Firms

Raw materials and other suppliers

  • API manufacturers
  • Excipient manufacturer
  • Chemicals: starting materials, ingredients, solvents, processing aids
  • Packaging materials: primary and secondary
  • Process materials: resins, membranes, filters …

Technical Services to Manufacturing

  • Engineering companies​​
  • Plant and Equipment manufacturers
  • Process technology developers ​​
  • Integrated Biotech equipment suppliers



Entities interested in participating in the marketplace and matchmaking meetings shall complete the registration form.

Entities will have to provide:

  • Person related data (such as First & Last name, Email, Phone number, Country, Job position)
  • Entities related data (such as Name, Organisation description, Area of activities covered by the entity)

In their application, entities will be invited to be specific on how their products/capacities/facilities/support possibilities are relevant for the purpose of this event.

Entities will only be formally registered for the marketplace and the matchmaking meetings if the criteria are met after verification by the organisers.

The decision on the selection of applicants will be based on the information stated above. Therefore, by filling in the registration form applicants are not automatically accepted to participate in the event.

Applicants should complete the registration form by 24 February 2023 (23h59 CEST).

 The submission of registration indicates an acceptance of the terms.

All exchanges conducted during the matchmaking meetings will be completely confidential.

 Any questions regarding registration can be addressed to  eu-lac.pharma@videlio-events.com 


Costs and expenses

Participation in the Matchmaking Event will be free of charge.

Disclosure of entities’ name and protection of personal data

Entities’ name and country: By participating in this event, entities give their consent to the European Commission to make their entity name and their country public.

Entities will have the option of not consenting to publish the name of the entities.

Personal data: All the personal data provided will be processed in accordance with Regulation (EU) No 2018/1725 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data by the Union institutions, bodies, offices and agencies and on the free movement of such data. Personal data and any other information provided in the registration at the marketplace and matchmaking meetings will not be public.

Please consult our Data Protection Notice for more information about how we will process your personal data.